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How do I book an event?

To book an event, you can contact us by submitting the form on the contact page, emailing us at, call/text us at 724-322-5565 or message us on our Facebook page. 

What is involved in the booking process?

Once you contact us with a date, if we are available, you will be sent an event information form. This will allow us to gain the information we need to fill in the contract. Once the contract is complete, we will email you the contract to e-sign. We will gladly hold a call to review the contract and answer any questions before signing if requested. Once the contract is signed, you will have 10 days to send us a non-refundable deposit of 50% of your package price to officially reserve your date. The balance will be due 2 weeks before the event date. You can pay in full at any time. Once you submit your event information form, you will automatically be sent an additional form for your song list. You may choose the songs for your ceremony, including your custom song. Your songs must be submitted 90 days prior to your event.   

Why do I have to sign a contract?

A contract will ensure that both parties are covered. We will get paid, and you will have music at your wedding. We have a very standard contract that will be signed through an e-sign software via email. We will hold a call to gladly walk you through any detail in the contract before signing. Just let us know. 

Why do I have to pay a non-refundable deposit?

There is a lot of work that goes into playing an event. We must write out the arrangements, learn them, practice the timings, etc. The deposit covers us if we were to have put this work in and your event were to be cancelled. 

Can you run me through your process on the day of the event?

On the day of the event, we will arrive 1 hour prior to the beginning of the prelude, which is 30 minutes before your ceremony begins. We will setup our equipment, ensuring the appearance is as clean and professional as possible, perform a sound check, and then perform your event. Once the event is over, we will tear our equipment down as quickly as possible, discreetly pack up our equipment and leave. (If you have purchased a cocktail hour, we would then re-locate to the cocktail hour location at this time to repeat the process for the cocktail hour.) 

How do we pay you?

We accept cash, check and Paypal (All Paypal requests must pay the Paypal fees). All payments can be mailed to 518 Gans Woodbridge Rd. Smithfield, PA 15478. You will receive a PDF receipt upon paying in full. (If paying by check please allow 3-5 days for the check to be cashed).

Do you attend the wedding rehearsal?

No, we typically do not attend the rehearsal. You will provide us with a list of your ceremony order and where you would like us to set up on the day of. You may also schedule a Zoom call with us to discuss this information before your event, if you prefer. If you hired a planner, we will work with them to gain this information.


We do reserve the right to attend the rehearsal if we need to. If the venue is new and unfamiliar to us or if we travel to your event and are already there, we may choose to attend.  

Do I get to choose my songs?

Ukulangley will choose the songs for your prelude and cocktail hour (if cocktail was purchased), but you will choose the songs for your ceremony. Once you submit your event information form in the initial booking process, you will receive an email with our song catalog and song form.

Using the catalog, complete the song form. You get one (1) custom song that you can incorporate into the ceremony. The song form must be submitted 90 days prior to your event. If a song form is not submitted 90 days prior, Ukulangley will choose the songs for the entire event from our catalog.

What is a custom song?

A custom song is any song that is not in our catalog. Any song from any artist that we will learn for your event. 

Can you perform outside?

Yes, we can perform with our entire setup outside. If power is not provided, we have silent battery packs that will run our setup for 4 hours. We also have the ability to play unplugged, although the volume will be much lower.


***DISCLAIMER: While we do perform outside weddings, we reserve the right to do anything necessary to protect us and our equipment from inclement weather. This includes but is not limited to using tents, low-noise fans, tarps, etc., using a smaller, lighter setup to ensure that it can be tore down/moved quickly, moving locations to an indoor area, or declining to play altogether if the situation is severe. 

Can you setup a microphone for the officiant?

No, we do not have the ability to set up a microphone. We understand that it would be more convenient, however, we would not be able to troubleshoot any issues if they were to occur while we are playing so we have chosen to not offer this service. 

How far do you travel?

We travel anywhere within a 50 mile radius of Morgantown, WV for no additional cost. Any event that is over the 50 mile limit will be charged $.90 per mile in fuel (round trip). If the event requires overnight accommodations, that cost would also be included. 

Destination weddings would require all flights, hotel accommodations, rental car, and equipment freight to be paid by the client. ALL flights, hotels, and rental cars must be paid for at least 90 days prior to your event, with all required information being sent to us prior to this date. If you're interested in a destination wedding, contact us and we can talk it over.  


***DISCLAIMER: We reserve the right to decline or terminate any destination weddings that we deem as hazardous.

Do you use speakers?

Yes, depending on the size of the venue we use a variety of sound equipment. We may choose to use a smaller setup for smaller ceremonies. The ukulele is not a loud instrument and the speakers are necessary for the music to be heard, especially in larger events. We always ensure that volume levels are kept at a comfortable level, not intruding on the conversations of your guests. 

Can I have a family member sing during the ceremony?

You can by all means have someone sing at your wedding, it's your wedding after all, but we do not set up any equipment to accomodate this so you would have to arrange that on your own. We also do not perform with any other person, nor would be they be able to have access to our equipment.

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